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As a business we understand that the perfect candidate/job may not always be around the corner. On average about 30% of our placements require relocation and over the years we have become experts when it comes to helping our network come together.


We pride ourselves on being different from our competitors. One area where we believe we have a significant advantage is understand not just the job market but the cultural differences not just from county to county but even city to city. Our consultants take a proactive effort to embed themselves into this.


Our staff provide a professional service to all they people they contact. Our clients nor candidates are pressurised into forced decisions as we believe that taking a consultative approach is the key to long term relationships.

Why Choose Us?: Why Choose Us


In the world of software development its very easy to get lost. Our team has a focused approach not just from a technical perspective but also geographically, this means we can pinpoint solutions for our customers within those niches very quickly and efficiently.

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We have worked hard in optimising our processes and expertise to allow us to provide extremely cost effective solutions to our clients. We also understand that different companies want different levels of interaction and as such our service allows all ur clients to feel satisfied and comfortable with our approach.

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Our motto is:

"If we don't add value when working with you, we don't expect you to work with us again."

This approach has led to clients trusting us and in most cases become a premier recruitment partner to their business.

See below a small section of happy Clients/Candidates partnering with us.

Why Choose Us?: Why Choose Us


Helping Careers Move Forward

"Targ-IT is one of our most efficient consultant providers. They are trustworthy, reliable and good at finding excellent candidates for our positions."

D. Varga - Huawei

"I highly recommend Targ-IT Resourcing as a recruitment parnter. They are  able to find the right match between contractor and end-client and move the whole process along in a swift and transparent way."

J. Rasmussen - Telenor

"Targ-IT has supported us in recruiting consultants for several roles, always on a tight schedule. They are always very flexible and supportive throughout the process, and the turnaround time from initial request to having the first CVs on my desk was impressive."

J. Jorgensen - Rolls Royce

Why Choose Us?: Testimonials

"Targ-IT is a brilliant and proactive recruitment consultancy, always very keen and punctual to meet customers´ needs and expectations. Polite, helpful, and quick problem solver. It´s a real pleasure to work with him as a business partner!!

F. Sciarra - Artificial Solutions

"Targ-IT supported us in recruitment of key personnel to an urgent strategic project. They were very flexible, managed the urgency well, and provided us with good selection of candidates at a fast pace. The excellent support also continued during project execution phase.

Will use their services again and can recommend to other's as well.

V. Laakso - Omnitele

“Targ-IT Resoursing has fantastic connections with top companies. I knew I was in good hands. In no time, I was informed that a few companies wanted to see me for an interview and shortly thereafter I had found the job I was looking for.”

Paul Mallon - Candidate

Why Choose Us?: Testimonials
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